Lone Wolf


Witnessing the rise of the light in the lives of the dark.

In the midst of disputed era, I stand here answering the unanswered, solving the unsolved, in pursuit of the reason to stay awake. I am the lone ranger fighting a war between heart and mind but, whom to support?

The heart wants to love, the mind seeks power. Which is important?

I am confused.

A lone wolf running in the jungle to survive. 
A lone survivor finding a light in the burrow.
A dying soul fighting to live.

Life’s Fragile as Glass

Everything’s shattered
Diaries have become but pages,
Thoughts have become memories;
Souls became fragile,
The Pain became agile;
Dreamt to sour up the sky, but dug deep into the ground;
Dived seas to see pearls, found just stones;
Love is all that I wanted, hatred is all I found.
Embarked on a voyage in pursuit of happiness.
Ended up on an island with nowhere to go.
Looked at the sky for a ray of light, got hit by thunder instead.
All I yearned was your smile, instead, all I found was the pain.


You’re the honey I am addicted to taste;
You’re the wine I am addicted to drink;
You’re the drug I am addicted to smoke;
You’re the crest I am addicted to rise;

You’re the book I am addicted to read;
You’re the song I am addicted to sing;
You’re the poem I am addicted to rhyme;
You’re the spell I am addicted to cast;

You’re the ocean I am addicted to swim;
You’re the sky I am addicted to fly;
You’re the path I am addicted to walk;
You’re the maze I am addicted to get lost in;

You’re the sunrise I am addicted to behold;
You’re the star I am addicted to cherish;
You’re the place I am addicted to visit;
You’re the map I am addicted to travel;

You’re the house I am addicted to embellish;
You’re the gem I am addicted to Treasure;
And you’re the love I am addicted to fall in again and again;
Oh, my love! You’re such an addiction that I feel complete now.

—The Metal Soul


Bag check, Books check, Papers check. All set for my journey.

As the morning rays light my room & wake me up, I remember to get some papers signed. I jump out of the bed and get going. As I get dressed up, I could find my bike keys nowhere and mom’s busy getting my breakfast ready. I gave up on finding it just when my mom came to me asking to have breakfast before leaving and handed the keys to me, saviour of the day. I just checked my watch and it’s already 8’O Clock. God might have known how I managed to get on my bike at 8:02 am.

I get down the bike; there it is, my college, welcoming me with all its greenery. I enter to check if the faculty is available but all I can find are empty desks and the faculty timetables on it.

Damn! Now I have to wait for 3 hours to meet them and I have a train to catch up on.

I walk into the SAC (Student Activity Centre) to finish off some other works assigned to me. Being the coordinator of the college fest, I have to manage many things. There are lots of responsibilities to be handled and with the college fest fast approaching; there are hell lots of works pending.  Meeting juniors, assigning works to them, planning their activities, meeting in-charges, finalising events, attending selections and the list goes on…

I somehow manage to complete just a couple of works and after a patient wait, get the required signatures from the faculty. After a brief search for an alternative head, I find one. Finally, I check my watch and OMG!

It’s already 1’o’clock in the afternoon! This leaves me with 3 hours to catch the train!

 Clock’s ticking fast.

With the works done, I now had to rush back to home to pack my luggage.

Signatures- Checked; Keys- Checked; Time- Noted.

I rushed to the parking lot and God! I cursed myself for parking my bike at the other end. As time flew it seemed my bike’s in another world. I ran towards it and set off to home.

Time doesn’t want to be on my side, always. Just after parking my vehicle in the cellar, I couldn’t find my house keys. Now again, the curser in me woke up to curse me. One time,

Rahul, as always, drops me at the station on time and speeds off.

To my astonishment, I get to know that the train is running an hour late.

 One more hour I need to find something to pass it.

As I played ‘One Step Closer’ on my phone, I started travelling one step closer into my thoughts.

Thoughts on how my life was before getting into engineering and how it turned during the course of time. It all started with a sapling of ‘reaching the highest point in life’ in my heart. And that sapling transformed into a humongous tree of hope and determination. But that life isn’t interesting without loved ones in it. To make it look true, my friends and family always did their best. They’ve believed me in every aspect of life, the decisions I take and the path I choose. They suggest me advises but never force me to do them. Now, with the hope I lodged in my heart, I set a journey onto a different dimension, Armed Forces. Yes, I am going to give a test to enter the most respectable fields, Indian Army. With every thought, I was getting ‘one step closer’ to my dreams.

Just when I was lost in my thoughts, the announcement of my train arrival brought me back to this world. With everyone rushing out of the train and into the train simultaneously, I take my time and wait patiently and then get on.

Ah! The window seat. I specifically love this seat for it gives us an opportunity to witness the wonders of nature from behind those bars.

Life in a train is beautiful, should we consciously observe it. Many a time, in public places, we shut ourselves out. But, if we consciously try to observe all the things happening around, it is a wonderful experience.

There are many individuals here, on this train. Few, a happy couple heading to their hometowns. Few, busiest people on earth as they categorise themselves. Few, sad. Few, workers heading back to homes to their families. And here I am, on my journey to test my luck on entering the defence services. To write the CDS exam.

As the journey progressed, everyone around me started conversations about everything. All I witnessed there is the happiness everyone shared. There’s a couple with an infant travelling to attend a function. That smile of little baby won everyone’s hearts around. All of a sudden, he became a superstar of our compartment. On the other hand, there was a family leaving to attend an obituary of their loved ones. They were sad, but the atmosphere helped them to cope up.

There were few book addicts and soon later we became close as we shared the same addiction.

Though I started this journey alone, it now has many to accompany me to my destination and the best part is it taught me the biggest lesson: “No matter what comes ahead, give it a smile and Move on”

The same did the family attending obituary and the couple heading to a function.

Tiny Tale #1

And see,
I may seem envious of him for being in love with you or I may seem stupid waiting for your love, but I am actually happy that you’re happy. I always wanted to see you happy, even if it makes me feel sad, I don’t care because you’re my first priority and you being happy makes me feel satisfied. I don’t care what people say or bother; We can’t always expect our life to be served on a golden plate, sometimes ‘Conditions’ and ‘Hard Choices’ are added to the recipe of life to make it more spicy to devour. No matter how it knocks my door, all I ever wanted and care for is your happiness.
When you need someone to be on your side, I am here always for you.

If it’s called love, then I love you.

You are my ‘more than love’ I’d say because those 3 words can’t decide the level of caring I have for you.

R & D. Is it just ‘Research and Development’?

“India is one of the developing countries in the world”.

Ah! The line!

The line we’ve been hearing since ages and the line that never seems to change over the years. The bluest fact it upholds being the “Present continuous Tense” that never seems to go away!

I had this friend circle of mine and in the regular sittings that we used to have, everything under the sky was our topic to discuss, from politics to movie gossips, but none of those topic grabbed my attention.

One day, the discussion set me thinking; India’s developments and advancements in technology. Amit made his point clear, “We’ve changed the world’s view on us by showing our ability of creating and developing new ways of approach to many unsolved issues technologically. Modiji is the only man who can possibly take us to the zenith of success”. Asked to justify his statement, he talked about the success of MOM (Mars Orbital Mission) where the invested amount turned out to be less than a Hollywood film, the initiation of Clean India Movement and the Make in India initiative.

Eventually, they started talking about the various negatives as well and gradually, the discussion started running out of steam. They finally concluded that it was just that the negatives were nullifying the positives and that was the reason behind us being stuck in the “present continuous cycle.”

 I was confused. As I bade goodbye, my brain started popping various questions.

Yes, technologically we are trying to be on par with the powerful countries. Corruption and red tape are nullifying and negating the technological advances. Is that it? Is it enough? But what about the various kinds of discrimination and biases we face?”

Women, as a mother she crafts our path to success, as a sister she showers her unflinching love, as a teacher she develops social qualities in us, as a friend she shares your feeling at your extremes of life, as a wife she takes your family’s name forward, and finally, as a daughter she shows the meaning of true love. And how would you react when they are in some serious trouble? Don’t you try to get them back? From Nirbhaya’s case to recent happenings, they were all just like us, Human beings but the difference is gender. Why is every women of country feeling bad to be born here?

I am seriously confused. And I don’t know whom to ask for answers.

PS: I Love You

“Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, don’t worry I am here for you”

“Whenever you need a hand to wipe your tears, haha… Till I am around you there’s no space for tears in your life”

“Whenever you need an ear to listen to everything you talk, I guess you have my number”

“Whenever you want someone to hang out with, you know where to find me”

“Whenever you like to play pranks on friends, I am telling you- I’ll never let you down on that”

“Whenever you want someone with whom you can be THE CRAZY YOU, don’t worry even I love to be crazy as hell”

“Whenever you like to confide in someone, don’t panic- I am good at keeping secrets”

“Whenever you find yourself lonely, that ain’t possible forever as I am here always holding your hand”

“Whenever you need a person to support you, I’ll put my life on the line if it costs”

PS: I Love You

—A Friend